Home cleaning service NYC

Trying to find the best maid service NYC has to offer is nowhere near as easy as it probably should be.

This isn’t because there are so few top-flight house cleaning NYC services to pick and choose from, but because there are so many! With so many professionals in the city offering similar services (at wildly different prices), it can be a real nightmare to try and pick the right ones moving forward.

However, if you are serious about taking advantage of the best cleaning services New York City has to offer, that’s exactly what you’re going to need to tackle. We are going to provide you with a little bit of insider information to hopefully make this process a little bit easier for you, giving you the opportunity to work with professionals that offers the best services at the best prices – with next to no headache or hassle whatsoever.

Shall we jump right in?


Let’s get right to it.

Why hire a home cleaning service NYC in the first place?

Of all the things you need to get out of the way before hiring any home cleaning service NYC has to offer, finding your “reason why” behind hiring these professionals is of the utmost importance.

There are any different number of reasons to hire one of the best cleaning services in the city, but some of the most popular include (and certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Helping you save hours and hours each and every week
  • Taking advantage of professional cleaning services to provide a deeper and more consistent clean
  • Never having to invest a finger to do any housework ever again

You are still going to need to find the very best professionals to help you tackle all of your cleaning needs, but understanding why you want to have these experts come by and do all of your “heavy lifting” for you is going to inform your decision significantly.

You are definitely going to want to understand what you’re getting into before you even think about interviewing house cleaning NYC candidates, that’s for sure!

The five most important questions you need to ask

Now that you know exactly why you want to hire a cleaning service in New York City to come and help you out, it’s time to break down five of the most important questions you’re going to need to ask all of the cleaning services that you are thinking about moving forward with.

You are going to have to interview at least three (and ideally more than five) maid service NYC before selecting one to move forward with. These are the kinds of questions that you’re going to need to ask them.

1 – Is this a legitimate home cleaning service NYC?

The first (and maybe the most important) question that you’ll want to ask house cleaning NYC services is whether or not they are a legitimate cleaning service or a fly-by-night or “side job” kind of operation.

This is going to dictate whether or not you feel comfortable moving forward with a particular company past the interview phase, and is also going to let you know whether or not you’re dealing with real professionals were people that may end up taking advantage of you.

You should always (ALWAYS) try to find the most professional cleaning lady NYC has to offer from a legitimate service as opposed to just going with some fly-by-night operation that offers cutthroat rates. We’ll explain why in just a moment.

2 – Are you insured?

The second thing that you’re going to want to ask all of the house cleaning NYC services has to offer is whether or not they carry full insurance.

Even though house cleaning NYC services aren’t going to be responsible for tackling any major projects, or put in too terribly many situations that may cause them harm or injury, you’re still going to want to make sure that they are completely protected with their own liability insurance.

This is the only way to know that you aren’t going to get hit with a lawsuit should someone get hurt on your property, but is also going to give you confidence moving forward knowing that these employees are protected by Workmen’s Compensation should something terrible happened as well.

3 – Who will actually be cleaning my home?

One of the more important details that kind of gets lost in the shuffle is whether or not the people that you talk to during your house cleaners interview are going to be responsible for doing the actual cleaning of your property.

The overwhelming majority of professional maid service NYC operations out there are going to have teams of dedicated employees that do all of the “heavy lifting”, with an office staff back home that handles all of the clerical and customer support and service issues.

Some of the smaller operations, however, do much of the “dirty work” all on their own – and you’re going to want to know (obviously) EXACTLY who is in your home before you sign on the dotted line and agree to any cleaning services whatsoever.

If they are going to have anyone coming to your home you should ask for background checks and employee information ahead of time, if only to give yourself complete and total peace of mind before moving forward.

4 – How are your employees trained and what is the pre-employment process like?

Many of the best maid service NYC out there have very, very rigorous employee pre-employment screening processes and employee training programs that guarantee they offer the very best of the best when it comes to consistent and reliable services.

Unfortunately, many other New York City maid services and cleaning operations aren’t quite as consistent or as “up to date” as they probably should be in the training and preemployment screening areas.

Unless you are comfortable with amateur home cleaning service NYC crawling all over your home when you aren’t in, potentially lifting anything that their sticky fingers can get a hold of, you’re going to want to make sure that all employees of the maid service in NYC that you move forward with have been screened, have had background checks performed, and have been trained to offer a consistent results across the board.

5 – Do you have any testimonials and clients I could contact?

Lastly, you are going to want to ask for as many referrals, testimonials, and case studies as you can reasonably check up on.

Not only are you going to want to get as many referrals, testimonials, and case studies from a potential house cleaning NYC company, but you’re also going to want to follow up with as many of those individuals as you can.

After all, this inside information (the closest thing to getting the truth about a particular service as you’re going to get without actually becoming a customer first) is next to useless if you don’t follow up with the individuals that have provided this company with their contact information and raised their hands as a referral contact.

Make sure that you contact at least three or four of their previous clients just to verify that they are legitimate, offered the services that they promise, and can be trusted.

A handful of other questions you’ll want to be sure to cover

Of course, there are other questions that you were going to want to ask of any house cleaning NYC service you are seriously interested in working with, and we want to make sure that you cover all of your bases.

These are just some of the questions that you’re going to want to make sure you have answers to.

How will payments be handled?

A lot of the laundry service NYC experts, house cleaning NYC services, and professional maids are comfortable offering a variety of different payment methods, and almost all of them will offer very friendly and reasonable payment terms as well.

This is critical information that you are going to want to get your hands on before you sign on the dotted line, critical information that you are going to want to make sure matches up with your expectations before you agree to have any services performed whatsoever.

If they prefer checks, credit cards, or even cash, see if they are willing to offer some type of discount or reduced rate if you pay them via the payment method or according to the payment terms that they are most comfortable with. You might be surprised at the amount of money that you’ll be able to save just by bringing this up.

Who will be responsible for cleaning supplies and equipment?

You are also going to want to make sure that you know exactly who is going to be responsible for all of the cleaning supplies and equipment that will be used to clean your place.

Almost all of the most professional maid service NYC companies out there will provide their own cleaning supplies, their own cleaning equipment, and absolutely everything else they need to perform the job at hand – but some of them may request that you supply specialty cleaning solutions or specialty equipment, especially if you have a handful of specific requests.

This is something that you’re going to want to cover before you agree to have any cleaning services taken care of, a detail that you cannot afford to overlook. If you are responsible for cleaning supplies and equipment and do not know it, you might be on the hook for some pretty outrageous expenses that you never anticipated coming down the pipeline.

Will I need to be home for cleaning services to be provided?

Most people aren’t all that comfortable with house cleaning NYC experts coming into their home and being left alone there the first few times, and that is completely and totally understandable.

Almost every single professional cleaning service in New York City understands this detail, and will make sure to schedule your first few cleaning appointments at a point in time that you are comfortable with – and one that it enables you to stay at home so that you can be there to meet the cleaning experts themselves.

Once you feel comfortable (if you feel comfortable), you’ll be able to let the cleaning service know that these professionals can come by when you aren’t home and perform the task at hand, but that’s something that you and only you will be able to dictate to your cleaning service.

What about my pets?

Some maid service NYC in Brooklyn are going to be completely and totally okay with you leaving your pets at home alone when they come to clean, while others may not be quite as accommodating.

This is something that you’re going to need to talk to these professionals about in advance, making sure that everyone is on the same page. Come to some type of agreement about what to do with the pets while they are home when you’re cleaning service comes by, but at the very least let them know that there are pets in the home so that they aren’t surprised when they come by to clean.

How should I leave special instructions?

If you have any special instructions or requests whatsoever that you’d like to pass off to your house cleaning NYC services, please make sure that you write all of these instructions down on a piece of paper so that they know EXACTLY what you’re looking for – and so that there is zero confusion about what you want.

You be surprised at just how much can get lost in translation when these special requests aren’t written down, and unless you want to be disappointed – or frustrated – you’re going to want to be sure that you try to clearly outline your special request as best you possibly can and write it as clearly and as concisely as possible.

When can you start?

All you really have left to do is ask your house cleaning NYC service in New York City about when they can get started. After that, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line and get started taking advantage of all the benefits that a professional cleaning service NYC has to offer!