House Cleaning NYC

It’s going to be a real challenge sifting through all of the different home cleaning services NYC has to offer if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

There are literally hundreds of house cleaning NYC services to pick and choose from, and almost all of them are going to promise you the moon and the stars when it comes to results. They aren’t going to be shy about telling you that they offer the lowest possible prices for the best possible service, and they certainly aren’t going to worry about telling you anything you need to hear to become a client.

Sifting through all of these options is a real nightmare without inside information that will help you cut through the clutter and noise and make a final decision that you’re comfortable with. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re going to help you out with below.

Take advantage of this guide to help you find the best house cleaning NYC professionals to provide you with the results you’re after. It shouldn’t have to be as difficult as it can be to find someone that you’re happy with, and by the time you’re done with this quick guide it won’t be!

Ready to jump right in?


You must know exactly what you’re getting into

Before you do absolutely anything else, you’re going to need to make sure that you have a firm handle on what your hiring cleaners to help you out with.

You are going to want to sit down and outline your expectations for the type of cleaning services that you’d like to take advantage of, but you’re also going to want to sit down and outline your expectations for the type of cleaning service that you like to work with.

By writing all of this information down in advance, you’re going to be able to effortlessly cut through all of the marketing noise out there that different Home cleaning services NYC are going to try and confuse you with. You’ll know whether or not you need to move forward with a single operator House cleaning NYC operation out of Brooklyn or whether you need to take advantage of a full-blown suite of services from one of the most reputable Maid service NYC calls its own.

This will also help inform you about a realistic budget, as most people have no idea what cleaning services cost – and almost always underestimate (or overestimate, for that matter). There isn’t a Home cleaning services NYC that can provide you with an accurate estimate unless you outline to them exactly what you’re looking for.

Spend half an hour or more writing all of this information down, editing it all, and then revisiting it a couple of days later before you begin your search and you’ll be much happier with the initial results – as well as the “fast track” that your search process gets on.

Get a ballpark number before moving forward

As mentioned above, it’s going to be absolutely impossible for any of the house cleaning NYC services out there to provide you with an estimate that has any realistic boundaries whatsoever unless they know exactly what you’re looking for – and a handful of other details that you’ll have to discuss with them personally.

However, understand that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you should leave your initial meeting with a House cleaning NYC service without some kind of estimate, even if it’s nothing more than a ballpark figure.

Any housecleaning services in New York City that have been around for any amount of time (established businesses with three years or more under their belts) shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever providing you with some kind of ballpark figure that you can use during the research phase. If you come across housecleaning services in New York that aren’t comfortable providing you with this quote, it’s probably a good idea to check them off of your list and look for someone else.

Now, obviously, the whole point of an estimate is that it is exactly what it is described as – an estimate. This isn’t a hard and fast figure that you’re going to want to lock on to, but one that you should use as a rule of thumb when comparing different services and the price points that they are offering.

You just need something in the ballpark before you even think about moving forward with any company on a trial cleaning basis.

Start off with a trial relationship before committing to anything long term

It isn’t going to be possible to feel completely comfortable with any of the best maid service NYC options out there until you have built up some kind of relationship and rapport with them.

And that just isn’t going to happen right out of the gates.

This is why you’ll want to always hire Home cleaning services NYC on a trial or temporary basis to begin with, giving them a couple of weeks – or maybe even a month – to really prove themselves before you commit to anything longer. Not only is this going to make sure that you’ve selected the right people right off the bat, but it’s also going to give you a tremendous amount of peace of mind in knowing that you can trust the people that you invite into your home on a regular basis.

On top of that, a trial basis is going to make sure that you don’t fall into a common trap of the old “bait and switch” – a situation where one House cleaning NYC service in the city offers to do specific work at a specific price, but mysteriously hands you a bill for substantially more than you expected later down the line.

You absolutely, positively, MUST make sure that you hire any cleaners on a temporary basis first, no matter how comfortable it you may already be in your decision. This is the only way to verify that you aren’t making a mistake that could come back to haunt you for quite a while.

Always run through a “post cleaning checkup”

One of the most intelligent things that anyone can do after hiring maid service NYC professionals to come in and clean up for them is to run through a “post cleaning checkup” – a punch list of sorts for house cleaners – that you and these professionals go through together to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

You’re going to want to speak with a cleaning service in advance about this kind of check up, if only to make sure that you aren’t keeping them from getting to another job by running through the checklist right after they’ve finished their work for the day.

These checklists usually only take 10 or 15 minutes to run through (maximum), but it’s still a common courtesy that you’re going to want to pass along to them. This gives you every opportunity to make sure that you are getting exactly the results you’re looking for, and that you and your cleaning team are on exactly the same page.

This kind of follow-up is incredibly valuable for everyone involved, and also practically guarantees that you get absolutely everything that you’re paying for. It won’t take long, it shouldn’t bother anyone, and it will make sure that you’re working with the best Maid service NYC has to offer.

Don’t get taken for a ride with hidden costs

Make sure that any of the House cleaning NYC services that you are thinking about working with provide you with fully itemized invoices and cost breakdowns that you will have the opportunity to review with them if there are any discrepancies.

There are just too many house cleaning Brooklyn services out there that are fly-by-night operations, businesses that are looking to nickel and dime each and every one of their clients at every opportunity. The only way to avoid this kind of headache and hassle (outside of firing them outright and choosing another maid service NYC operation) is to ask for itemized invoices that you will be able to verify and then review any time you like.

This gives you the opportunity to avoid hidden costs, but also make sure that you are working with an operation that is completely and totally trustworthy. You cannot overestimate just how important this is.

ONLY work with real professionals

Of course, when you decide only to work with true professional House cleaning NYC services in the city, you are able to eliminate a lot of headaches and a lot of hassle that exists when you choose to go with fly-by-night operations or solo operators.

If you want to really eliminate much of the frustration, anxiety, and anger that some Maid service NYC Manhattan operations almost force upon each and every one of their clients – sometimes through no fault of their own other than the fact that they aren’t completely legitimate – you need to choose to work only with real professionals with real licenses, real insurance, and a real track record for success.

Stick around for the first couple of cleanings to build a relationship

It would be a major mistake to leave your home or office when you are just starting out with a new cleaning service.

No matter how reputable or reliable a particular company is, you do not want to give them the idea that they have full reign over your property just because you aren’t there. You’re going to want to supervise the first few operations to make sure that everything goes exactly according to plan, but you’re also going to want to use this time to create some kind of relationship and some kind of rapport with these professionals as well.

That’s the only way to earn the trust and respect of the house cleaners NYC services that you’ve hired, and it’s the only way to be sure that you are working with people that you aren’t going to be worried about robbing you blind later down the line.

Make sure that you are around for the first few services, and you shouldn’t have to worry about any services from that. It might still be a good idea to pop in from time to time (just to keep them on their toes), but it might not be necessary – especially if you hire the best made service NYC has to offer.

Outline any special requests clearly (and in writing!)

Almost every single client of every single house cleaning NYC operation as some kind of special request that they would like their cleaners to be aware of, and the odds are pretty good that you aren’t any different.

If this is true, you’re going to need to make sure that you write down your special requests clearly, concisely, and completely on a piece of paper and provide it to the cleaning experts that you are counting on. This is the only way (the ONLY way) to be certain that you get exactly the kinds of results you’re looking for, while at the same time making sure that nothing gets lost in translation along the way.

Most cleaning services are going to be perfectly happy accommodating your special requests, though if there is any static or feedback from a particular company, don’t be afraid to outline the situation, the reasoning behind your request, and the importance of the request to them so that they know exactly what you’re looking for and how to make you happy.

Schedule regular cleanings rather than spontaneous services if possible

Regularly scheduled cleanings are always going to be cheaper and offer more consistent results than spontaneous services, so if you have the opportunity to schedule regular cleanings as opposed to “surprise cleanings”, you’re probably going to be doing everyone involved a substantial favor.

This doesn’t mean that you need to hire the best House cleaning NYC has to offer to come visit every single week and provide a full range of services, but it might mean having them show up every 14 days and making sure that your place always looks its very best.